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150: Boost Your Online Success with Strong Messaging
Episode 15028th September 2023 • Burnout To All Out Podcast • Melissa Henault
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You only attract as good as you create. In today’s online space there’s nothing more important than the way you market yourself… and that can only happen with a spot-on roadmap.

In this hot seat coaching sesh Melissa talks about the importance of copywriting, brand strategy and a well-thought-out content plan. Your business will soar if you stick to your zone of genius and put your brand in expert hands.

Nailing your messaging is the key to getting traction online. This is a must-listen!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • copywriting
  • messaging strategist
  • business owners
  • online content
  • content strategy
  • expert messaging
  • marketing strategy
  • branding
  • marketing plan
  • brand copy
  • online perception
  • content calendar
  • LinkedIn

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I'm wrestling with this, and I had a great conversation with Lisa yesterday. Like, it was she's amazing. It's like, who do I wanna be when I grow up? And where do I want to make my space in this world? I think, like, kind of launching into or looking into just really Owning being an online messaging like, I'm debating between online messaging expert or online messaging strategist Because those are, like, the 2 pieces. And then, side note, I interviewed with Colin Boyd to go in and start coaching in his group, His mastermind as well on messaging and, you know, copywriting and all of that. So we'll see what happens.


But that


was really neat to get on live with him. You know? Yeah. Like, oh, I thought this is your podcast. This is really kinda fun. Anyway so the the that's the other piece is, like, what do I wanna, strategy is a focused keyword in action. Okay. Alright. Thank you, bird Britney. Britney? Britney. I just wanted to kinda get your thoughts on that.


Yeah. So a messaging strategist, I think that Many entrepreneurs and visionaries, like, a lot of us, our skill set is not the written word. Some Some of us, it is. Some of us, it isn't. A lot of us, our skill set is not back in tech. Right? Like, now there's some that are really good. Like, my one of my best Rebecca Cafiero loves writing, and she was, you know, in the publishing space. And




s who are really realizing in:


I love that.


And, again, like, I find a lot of times what Sadie writes is, like, so spot on and, like, 10 times better than anything I could ever write.


Yep. I know.


Right? And I think that also depending on your client base, you can really work yourself into some really big projects and really big paychecks. You know, when you get into the High 6, 7 figure brand. There's a lot of marketing strategy and content calendar that needs to take place with runways leading up to what people are are are putting out from a content standpoint? You know, you're no the it's a different business to be a 6 figure business than it is to be a 7 figure business as far as marketing strategy goes and how much planning goes into it weeks months and literally a year in advance to to market? And and where I'm going with this is, we got pitched by somebody the other day, Jackie. There's a girl in our mastermind met with Jackie, Was trying to pitch us for $25 to get started as a marketing strategist, to overtake, like, all brand copy. Now she was gonna fly us in for photos and video and all that stuff too. But my point is, in all of this as I'm rambling, is So good. There is I don't know that there's anything more valuable right now than how you are being perceived online. Mhmm. Right? Bottom line. And if you're not good with copy and you don't value your image, Like, you lose. People think it's crazy how much money I've spent on, you know, my photographer and videographer. And I'm not saying you guys need to go spend a dollars. But the 1st year I launched LinkedIn Method Academy, the 1st year when I hadn't even made $20,000, I hired Jody to come in and do a branding shoot with me, and it, like, pained me. But I knew that if I wanted to show up online and tracked a different level client base. My image was really, really important. And so I think that's part of your messaging as a brand or a marketing strategist is that you're only as you're you're only gonna attract as good as what you create, and put out there. And if that is not your zone of genius, like, Jesus, take the wheel. Give it to somebody else, and let them amplify you. Right?


Yep. I love that. Thank you.


Absolutely. I mean, it has been a godsend to have somebody else in charge of that in the past year. Like, you should sit down on one of our marketing calls 1 month just so you see. We sit down once a month and do nothing but walk through our our our calendar for the month.


I would love that.


The call and talks about marketing strategy and copy and all the channels between email, social media, SMS text, Like, launching all of it. Yeah.


I love that. Yeah.


I just think, like, big picture for you. You know?




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