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Lipedema Care Guidelines in the United States
Episode 12768th January 2024 • Living Well with Lipedema • Lipedema Simplified
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Today, I'd like to discuss a publication led by Dr. Karen Herbst's committee titled "Standard of Care for Lipedema in the United States." This paper, published in the peer-reviewed journal Phlebology in May 2021, aims to establish a consensus on defining lipedema and creating a standardized care framework for the United States.

The committee's objective was to formulate a unified description of lipedema, culminating in a consensus document outlining the Standard of Care for the country.

For women dealing with lipedema, this paper holds significance as it advocates for the adoption of this consensus as a basis for consistent treatment guidelines across the United States.

Additionally, there's potential for the document to impact aspects such as insurance coverage and the allocation of government funds.



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