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#006 - Gil Satchell, Co-founder at powerQuad
Episode 630th July 2021 • Founders & Creators • Protospace
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Gil Satchell is the co-founder at powerQuad, a technology business building a smarter way to store cheap, green energy and help businesses decarbonise whilst cutting their energy costs.

powerQuad was born out of the simple truth; the way our energy is generated and distributed is fundamentally inefficient, which inevitably costs individuals and businesses money, they set out on a mission to provide access to cheaper, renewable energy for everyone when it's needed most.

This episode was recorded on 25th February 2021.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Gil's background and career
  • How powerQuad was founded
  • Sustainability and energy usage
  • powerQuad's vision for the future
  • Gil's insights into the industry
  • Entrepreneurship and work/life balance