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Approaching Groups | TSMP #071
Episode 7112th September 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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How Comfortable Are You In Approaching Groups At Gigs?

When performing at gigs, we get to take our tricks from the safety of our homes to the scary world of the audience's tables. It is only natural to feel nervous while approaching groups at gigs.

Well begun is half done, they say. It is, therefore, essential to garner genuine interest from the audience when you approach them. The best ‘opener’ in your act is your introduction.

Join Aidan and Ashley as they discuss their key takeaways about approaching groups. They shed light on the importance of authentic introductions, testing different ways of approaching groups, and using covert ideas to get yourself introduced at the tables.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:20] Why You Should Master The Skill Of Approaching Groups
  • [03:00] How Do You Introduce Yourself?
  • [06:00] Ashley’s Favourite Introduction - Sparking Curiosity
  • [09:50] Aidan’s Favourite Introduction - Generating Genuine Interest
  • [15:20] Using Introductions To Build Momentum
  • [17:50] How To Determine Which Tables Or Groups To Begin With
  • [20:15] Getting Multiple Groups Involved Simultaneously
  • [22:45] Importance Of Testing Different Ways To Approach Groups
  • [26:20] How To Make The Conversation Flow After Approaching
  • [30:00] Covert Ideas To Get Introduced At Tables

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