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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 89, 5th September 2021
Ep 89: How to Gamify Your Workouts and 10x Your Performance with the Rebel Crew
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Ep 89: How to Gamify Your Workouts and 10x Your Performance with the Rebel Crew

What do you think the most overlooked variable is when writing a training program?? Joining me on the show today are two of the Rebel coaches, Ryan Patrick and Keiran Halton. The three of us unpack why gamification is so important in programming and the benefits you’ll reap once you stop overlooking it. Using gamification in your workouts does the following: it creates a setting that is more fun and not as easy to get burnt out in, it causes you to push harder because you always have a number to beat, and it will allow you to start hitting daily PRs. 

Join us as Keiran, Ryan and I share some of our favorite techniques and strategies when it comes to gamification and how to utilize it in your workouts. Since the pandemic, a large portion of our athletes aren’t training in group settings, and some are strictly training by themselves. We want to be sure we are setting our athletes up for success, and the most effective way to do this is to ensure they are creating competition with themselves that keeps their training fun and leaving them experiencing more progress in 12 weeks than most people see in 6-12 months.

The three of us dissect the auto-regulation technique, representative task design, and the mirror effect. We then wrap up the episode by bringing in velocity-based training and the benefits of utilizing it in your workouts. We also share why we believe people are married to the periodization models and why specific goals call for other methods. Be sure to listen in as we unpack how to gamify your workouts to 10x your performance. 

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [02:42] Realizing that there are different levels of athletes
  • [08:30] Intro to how to gamify your training
  • [10:11] Throwing games in your warmup
  • [13:59] Representative task design
  • [15:05] Creating competition with yourself using the double progression method
  • [16:27] The auto-regulation technique
  • [20:31] How to use the mirror effect
  • [23:48] Utilizing velocity-based training
  • [29:55] Why people are married to periodization models
  • [32:11] Using MetCons to gamify your training


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