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Freedom Hack Radio - Bryce Robertson EPISODE 26, 13th November 2020
Disease Reversal Through a Plant Based Diet with Dr. Brooke Goldner-Tadlock
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Disease Reversal Through a Plant Based Diet with Dr. Brooke Goldner-Tadlock



  • Power of a plant based diet. How to correctly build your nutrition.
  • How to reverse disease with plant based diet
  • How to enhance our immune systems
  • Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships in challenging times


  • Dr. Goldner is a board-certified medical doctor and author of three bestselling books goodbye lupus, goodbye auto-immune disease, and green smoothie recipes to kick-start your health and healing
  • She appears in multiple documentaries "Eating you alive", "Whitewashed", "Conspiracy against your health" that featured in tv news and home family shows
  • She's been featured on the front cover of vegan health and fitness magazine 3 times
  • She's a regular contributor of nutritional studies and she's featured in the journal of disease for personally reversing lupus
  • She's graduated Carnegie-Mellon University with genetic research in neurochemical and neurobiology degree, also graduated from Temple University School of Medicine and holds the certificate of nutriology from Cornell University
  • She is founder of goodbyelupus.com and creator of the hyper nourishing protocol of auto-immune reversal
  • Despite all the challenges she has faced, Dr Goldner is very charismatic and fun
  • She tell us that her biggest gratitude of waking up to her beautiful family
  • She tell us the magnificent story of her miracle recovery from lupus
  • Lupus - it's an autoimmune disease when your own body stops recognizing your own bacterias and microorganism necessary for the healthy functioning of our body and attacking all - viruses and useful bacterias
  • She tell us the story of her life, about her career, overcoming terminal disease and her relationships with relatives
  • She tells us how she met her future husband, fell in love and got married despite of lupus
  • Top 3 must do’s for optimum healthy