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ParentEd - Focus on the Family Singapore EPISODE 11, 7th July 2020
From Adversity to Opportunity: How to Support Young People in Tackling Today’s Challenges

From Adversity to Opportunity: How to Support Young People in Tackling Today’s Challenges

With COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the future, we know that many of us are concerned about our families, and especially how our children and youth are going to cope with the new norms. Can youth handle adversity? How do we support and nurture youth so that they can bounce back from adversity?

Join Aaron Ng from Focus on the Family Singapore as he chats with David King Thorairajan on his personal journey of adversity and how we can support young people in tackling today's challenges.

David is the CEO of Ministry of Empowerment, a Singapore-based International Life Coaching Company, and a renowned motivational speaker. He has won many awards locally and internationally, including the Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (US) & Duke of Edinburgh (UK). David believes that every youth has the potential to overcome adversity and excel in life and dreams to impact thousands of youths-at-risk and families through positive influence. David is married for 8 years and has 2 beautiful young daughters.

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