Feel Fear? Do it anyway...says Ashley Layne
Episode 442nd December 2021 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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“Using your body as a machine” is a quote that sticks out from our chat with Ashley Layne!

She identified with movement when she was just two years old!

”Trust the movement” she says often and her love for community and connection propelled her to create her own “Barre” movement in the Hudson Valley in New York!

Listen to how bold she has been — in a business that was adversely impacted by COVID, she doubled down to expand! Talk about faith!

Ashley Layne is the creator and owner of Barre Body & Soul. A former dancer for 20+ years before turning into a fitness/wellness enthusiast, Ashley has trained with nationally renowned teachers in New York City under Exhale’s Barre program with Fred Devito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, as well as completing the 200hr YogaWorks Teacher training.

Ashley got more involved in the wellness industry while living in NYC, shifting her focus as a professional dancer to studying Barre Fitness, pilates and yoga. Experiencing the benefits of moving mindfully sparked her inspiration to create a studio where people could move freely, without judgement and still gain physical strength, while de-stressing.

As a mother of three and a business owner, her mission is to create a safe space for her community to step back into their bodies and not only workout but also work “in”. In addition to a full schedule of classes, the studio also offers monthly workshops, a unique Wellness & clothing boutique and infrared sauna all under one roof. The positive energy and motivating music brings a unique experience to every class!

You can reach Ashely through her website at:

On Instagram @barrebodysoul

On FaceBook at Barre Body & Soul


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