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Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity with Debbie Butcher
Episode 206th December 2021 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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When Debbie Butcher was nineteen she left home for a new life in the South East despite her Mum begging her not to go. 

Leaving was the worst decision Debbie ever made and to this day, she remains full of regret.

It wasn’t long before her two adorable sons were born, but the wedded bliss Debbie left home for, ebbed away leaving her feeling lost, isolated and alone.

With no one to turn to, Debbie sought comfort in food. Overnight, her once healthy and balanced way of eating became obsessive and compulsive compounded by bingeing in secret.

Debbie’s binge eating cycles continued for many years, never more so than during the decade her youngest son suffered with an extreme and violent Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Tune in and listen to Debbie’s extraordinary story and why she will never give up.


  • [02:00] - Early years
  • [14:14] - Compulsive Eating
  • [25:28] - Son’s bravery confronting his BDD made Debbie change
  • [31:45] - Why Debbie never gave up

Listen to Debbie's son Dan, chat with Jemma in Episode 21, here.


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