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You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness
Episode 8610th May 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Life is NOT fair, whether you like it or not. But you can CHOOSE how you want to respond to things. Are you a VICTIM or a VICTOR? Whether you are experiencing separation or divorce, you do NOT have to let it DESTROY you. YOU are responsible for your own happiness, and who you are as a MAN and a LEADER comes from only one person: YOU. This week, Mark is showing you why understanding this will enable you to live from a place of FREEDOM.

Maybe you don’t have what it takes to save your marriage, but you DO have what it takes to face whatever situation you’re in head-on. Not sideways, not flinching, not looking around; HEAD-ON. How you respond to things is YOUR choice. In this episode, Mark is challenging you to find your identity, and show you why YOU are responsible for your own happiness. Learn why true happiness and joy lie within YOU and how to STOP allowing other people’s actions to dictate your happiness.

“Your happiness does not come from your wife, it comes from who you are inside.”

- Mark Santiago


In This Episode:

- Hear why most men treat their MARRIAGE like a RENTAL property

- Mark shares why ownership is a LIFESTYLE, nothing else

- Discover why believing you don’t have what it takes to resolve something is an issue

- There is only one person’s opinion that matters, here’s who that is…

- Mark shares why nobody else is responsible for you, but YOU

- Hear what true freedom looks like and why YOU have the power to get it

- You cannot be VICTORIOUS as a leader when you are oozing with victim energy. Here’s why…

And much more…

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