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"I'm Bulletproof, Nothing To Lose" with Meridith Grundei
Episode 4027th April 2022 • The MIC is LISTENING! Show • Syya Yasotornrat
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Have all your conversations and communications gone exactly to your plan?

If you say no - Welcome to Life on Earth!

We've all had to pivot conversations, make quick decisions, respond to stimuli in our environment that most likely wasn't planned. How do you make those choices on the fly and with CONFIDENCE?

Meridith Grundei joins The MIC is Listening! to look at leveraging #improv as an additional tool to the art of communication in business applications. Meridith knows a thing or two about being able to think on the fly and doing it with gusto!

Some highlights to consider:

* What is Improv and how does it feed into building confidence?

* The BIG difference between Live and Video Camera presence

* Video and Audio set up MATTERS

* Listen to "Are You Waiting for Permission?" #podcast