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A Friend of Mine - OAK Magazine EPISODE 23, 26th April 2021
The beauty of business with Botanicals by Luxe
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The beauty of business with Botanicals by Luxe

When Bec Connolly became a mum after a difficult fertility journey, she knew she didn’t want to return to full time work.

A qualified skin therapist, Bec set up a therapy room in the home in Geelong in 2015. However it wasn’t long before the self-confessed “skin-nerd” was taking the next step, and formulating products of her own. 

It was a long and difficult search to find a small batch manufacturer and Bec was told countless times that she was just a “mum with a hobby”. But she persisted and launched her very own skin care range, Botanicals by Luxe in 2018.

Bec shares with us the why behind her business, the manufacturing process, creating an ‘Instagramable’ brand, engaging influencers and ambassadors, her experience with anxiety and the importance of self care.

We also speak about miscarriage and for some this may be difficult to listen to. If so, you might want to skip this episode or move through it mindfully. 

And now, let me introduce you to my friend Bec from Botanicals by Luxe.  


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