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06. Meditation made EASY!
Episode 620th November 2020 • Clearly Kathryn, Business Intuition Strategies For Leaders • Kathryn Mahoney
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Meditation seems so simple until you are stressed, overwhelmed or over stimulated.  In this episode we will talk about simplifying mediation making it so EASY you will feel excited to do your practice!

Your assignment is to identify 3-5 activates that serve as meditation for you and make a list you can refer to anytime you need to quiet your mind, relieve stress or get focused.  

I also need to make a correction I mentioned Synchronicity as a meditation app- it is Syctuition.

Also You might notice one of my assistants felt she need to join us, my dog Jenna:)

I hope you found this helpful and we will continually come back to this topic as our lives change our practices need to adapt. 

Thank you for listening,

Until next time, keep it simple, be at ease with yourself, trust your intuition with light the way.

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