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39. Five Tips for Preparing the Body to Transition Off Birth Control
Episode 396th July 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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I want to focus on how you can prepare yourself to get off birth control. I’ve had people reaching out to me asking what they can do to better prepare their bodies for getting off the pill and how to give themselves the best experience possible, so I wanted to share my top five tips for making this transition as smooth as possible. Even if you are off the pill, these tips are still going to serve you and your body to help repair the damage the pill may have done to your body.

Also, a quick update: I’ve registered to become a fertility awareness educator, and I’m so excited to add this certification to what I am doing! I’ve realized that my passion lies in helping women to transition off the pill, or if you are already off the pill, helping to support your body and teaching you how to connect intuitively to your cycle, how to track your period to prevent or achieve pregnancy, and giving you the tools to get to the root of your hormone issues. I will always be here to support women through their hormone journey.

We Chat About:

  • What the pill is doing to our bodies
  • When to choose to get off the pill
  • How to prepare your body for the transition
  • The importance of balanced blood sugar and hormones
  • Loving the gut and microbiome
  • Getting in tune with your body

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