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"Crimes against humanity" can Civil suits get us justice for Corona insanity?
Episode 418th October 2020 • The Quash • The Quash Productions, LLC
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In this episode I discuss issues related to civil suits to "fix" this corona insanity. I am doing it because a recent youtube vid called "crimes against humanity" has become very popular. In it a German lawyer lays out the case against certain authorities for their abuse of people during this "pandemic". You do NOT need to have seen the video to understand my podcast.. I discuss the legal complications and details of suits like that. And I discuss the overall situation in the states for the likelihood of those cases achieving positive results and what that might even look like. What is it exactly people think these cases MIGHT DO? The reality is that civil lawsuits are not ever going to be an effective way to right the wrongs being done to the people under this ginned up pandemic charade. But people continue to believe in "the system" and imagine it can "protect them". I've put a bitchute link to the vid in my notes. If it says it's "unsafe" ignore that nonsense. Just trying to scare people away from the truth. The link is FINE. lol

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