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Meet the Author with Robert J. De Boer
29th October 2021 • Safety With Purpose Podcast • Safety With Purpose Podcast
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Join us for another session of Meet the Author with Author Robert J. De Boer who will be discussing a doable approach to safety leadership with Gary Wong and Tamara Parris.

In this episode  Author Robert J. De Boer discusses his book "Safety Leadership: A Different, Doable and Directed Approach to Operational Improvements".


This “how to” book for those responsible for the overall organizational performance offers a coherent “sensemaking” approach to safety that is different, doable and directed. 

Incidents are a natural consequence of the complexity of the system.  How does one apply micro-experiments in a complex environment where outcomes cannot be predicted beforehand?

How does one embrace non-compliance as a starting point to gaining insight in operational performance? 

How does one create the freedom teams need to be curious without passing judgement, finding out about how work is really done?

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