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Breaking the silence: how to talk about Imposter Syndrome in the workplace. [Episode 034]
Episode 345th April 2023 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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With 15% of people having considered quitting their job in the past week due to Imposter Syndrome (yes, you read that right), it's long overdue that we remove the taboo in talking about it in the workplace. It triggers shame for those running it, and embarrassment for those who want to suggest to a colleague or loved-one that they might need help with it.

So how can you raise the topic, whichever end of this you're on? How can we remove the taboo? What do people really need (hint: it's not what they're usually offered) and what are five super-common bits of advice to avoid? Plus get a free guide for line managers and HR professionals with how-to on this.

What you'll cover:

  • The biggest problem with discussing Imposter Syndrome in the workplace
  • The solution most people are being offered - and why it's the opposite of what they need
  • The mistake I'm seeing too many companies making
  • The 3 pillars of Imposter Syndrome in the workplace, and which one is easiest to start with
  • Suggestions - asking your boss for help
  • How to move beyond 'tea and sympathy' and learn how to truly support people in clearing Imposter Syndrome
  • 5 bits of bad advice (super-common) and what to say instead
  • How you can truly help people to set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome


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