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The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast - The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast EPISODE 254, 7th February 2020
Series 12 Review - Praxeus

Series 12 Review - Praxeus

The News

Sad news to kick off with as we say goodbye to Nicholas Parsons and then some chat about viewing figures for the last two episodes or Series 12.

Merch Corner

Some of you asked for it and now it's here (well, available to pre-order). The first of the blu ray collection sets, Season 12, is being re-released and is out March 2nd. Be quick though!

Review story this week is: Praxeus

After last week's belter of a story, this one is under some pressure to keep the awesome train going. Another good adventure or are we infected with boredom?

Thank you all for listening this week. Our review story next week will be the Series 12 story - "Can You Hear Me?". Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!