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25 - Fill Your Vacancies with Great Tenants Using These Tips
Episode 2526th April 2022 • Get Real Wealthy • Quentin DSouza
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Episode Summary

In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 2, Quentin shares different tips to help you attract great tenants.

Quentin says that tenants can make or break a rental property. If you want to learn about the ways to select great tenants, you should check the previous episode. He says that it is really important to get great tenants in your property because the cost of eviction can be very high, especially if you're in a rent-controlled area. One of the first things he suggests is getting a copy of the book The Filling Vacancies Toolbox, which is a comprehensive guide to filling vacancies. He adds that first of all, you want to figure out who you are targeting in your ad. Make sure that the things and the benefits that you're describing would appeal to the tenant profile that you want to attract. 

Secondly, you want to have great titles for your ads, something to make them unique and stand out. When you're attracting great tenants, don't talk about the features. You want to talk about what's unique about the property like what are the benefits of living there? What are the things that can't be replaced by other properties? When you attract great tenants, you're attracting them right now to your rental ads. That is the best way to do it. That's the way that most people are going to interact with you. He further adds that another way to attract great tenants is to ask the tenants that you have that are great tenants for referrals. 

In conclusion, Quentin says that you can find plenty of tips like these in the book The Filling Vacancies Toolbox, which is a great tool for you to add to your toolbox when you're trying to find great tenants and place them in your rental properties.

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