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(p1/2) Kevin Breuner from the DIY Musician Podcast on Creating a Podcast with Legacy - S4E3
Episode 1349th October 2022 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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In this episode (part 1/2) Josh is joined by the Great Kevin Breuner from the DIY Musician Podcast - the very first Podcast Josh ever Subscribed-to, and the show he has been basing the feel of Deadset Podcasting on since day one.

Kevin is the SVP of Artist Engagement and Education at CD Baby, a Professional Musician, and long-time Podcast Fan & Creator.

The DIY Musician Podcast is now 15 years old and has released over 300 episodes covering all things Independent Music Marketing, Promotion and Performance. The Podcast is also a key driver in the recent success of the DIY Musician Conference.

What got talked about in Part 1:

  • The evolving formats of The DIY Musician Podcast.
  • Taking your Internal Podcast idea to your CEO/Management.
  • Why Kevin continued to produce the Podcast in his own time for most of the life of the show (hint: it was about both the creative outlet that the show provided for him, and also how it elevated his profile within the Music Industry).

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In Part 2 we cover the relationship between CD Baby's Podcast and their Conference.




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