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Mike is Wrong About US Oppression and Domestic Harm
Episode 612th March 2024 • Tilting at Windmills • Tilting at Windmills
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Exploring American Inheritance: A Tale of Oppression and Continued Harm to our Native Americans.

In this episode of 'Tilting at Windmills,' host Mike Donahue interviews award-winning journalist and author Rebecca Claren about her latest book, 'The Cost of Free Land: Jews, Lakota, and an American Inheritance.' The book delves into the intertwined histories of Jews and Native Americans in the context of American colonialism and explores the complex legacy of escaping oppression only to become part of an oppressive system in America.

They discuss the ongoing harm to Native Americans, the responsibility of current generations to rectify past and present injustices, and the concept of being a 'good ancestor' by acknowledging and working to remedy the benefits derived from the harm done to Native peoples.

The conversation also addresses the challenges of grappling with America's colonial past, the need for a more truthful telling of American history, and suggests ways for individuals to contribute to repairing the harms caused.

Additionally, the episode explores cultural sensitivity, assimilation, and offers tangible steps for personal remediation towards Native nations.

00:00 Exploring the American Story of Oppression and Inheritance

01:07 Introducing 'The Cost of Freeland' with Rebecca Claren

01:33 The Interwoven Histories of Jews and Native Americans

05:57 The Ongoing Harm and the Quest for Reparation

14:42 Cultural Sensitivity, Empathy, and Learning from History

35:26 Personal Remediation and Steps Towards Healing

37:27 Drawing Parallels: From Native American Lands to Global Conflicts

40:28 Media Recommendations and Closing Thoughts




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