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106: Jared Easley shares his researching and interviewing tips
Episode 621st July 2014 • Podcasting Experiments • Joshua Rivers
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Jared Easley, the host of the popular podcast "Starve the Doubts," joins us today to share his tips regarding researching and interviewing people. He shares about his show format and some of his processes. He is also one of the co-founders of the Podcast Movement. You can reach Jared on his website or on Twitter.
How did Jared starve the doubts about starting Starve the Doubts?
Talking about when he was getting ready to start his podcast, he got some feedback stating that "Starve the Doubts" (overcoming self-doubt) didn't sound like the best idea.

Don't allow doubt to hinder you from hitting record.
Listened to a bunch of podcasts, and aimed to interview the hosts.

Tips from Jared:

Start with plenty "in the can" - episodes that are ready to go in case "life happens."
Don't be afraid to ask.

[Tweet "Don't allow doubt to hinder you from hitting record. - @jaredeasley"]
What tactics did you use to reach out to people to interview?

Attend conferences (New Media Expo).
Offer to plan a meetup for the speakers at the conferences.
Find a way to help someone.
Write short e-mails.

Subject line: "I love your _________"
Body of the e-mail is really short:

Respectfully request consideration to interview you for my podcast ("Name of Podcast").
Best regards, Name
ScheduleOnce link

Don't name-drop previous guests.

How did you choose the format for your interviews?

Jared likes to make his podcasts fun and entertainment.
He likes to start with ice-breaker questions. His first question is always, "What is the best concert you have ever been to?"
He looks at the guest's social media to see what has been happening lately for them.
Only let the ice-breaker questions last a few minutes.

How do research and prepare for the interviews?
Jared uses Refresh app to search the guests social media easily.
Who is doing something that interests you?

Jared uses this to help connect deeper and find
Jared's answer: Randy Wilburn
Podcasting and Podcast Movement

Leave any questions or suggestions you may have about interviewing people below in the comment section.
If you haven't already, please consider leaving a review in iTunes!

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