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Dr. Marty Greer, DVM JD: Nutrients for your breeding dogs
Episode 919th August 2020 • The Good Dog Pod • Good Dog
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About Dr. Marty Greer: Dr. Greer is a renowned author, speaker, veterinarian, and canine reproduction specialist. In addition to being the Director of Veterinary Services at Revival Animal Health, she is on the board of the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics, American Veterinary Medical Law Association, and the Society for Theriogenology.

About Sheryl Bradbury: Sheryl Bradbury is the Owned Brands Manager at Revival Animal Health, where she oversees the Breeder’s Edge, Doc Roy’s, and Vet Basics brands. Sheryl grew up falling asleep in the whelping box and has bred champions from several breeds. Today she raises Grand Basset Griffon Vendeens and Lancashire Heelers. She is the president of the United States Lancashire Heeler Club and also holds board positions in various dog clubs and animal health foundations. In addition to her breeding experience, Sheryl brings 30 years of product management experience in the veterinary industry to her role at Revival.

Reproduction is a luxury for a dog’s body, and can only happen if the body is already able to take care of its vital organs. We can’t overlook the nutrients that are often missed by the main pet food companies that are important to making a dog as healthy as possible for breeding. Thus, supplements are critical for keeping breeding dogs healthy for reproduction.

Dr. Greer gives some specific examples of the nutrients required for healthy breeding dogs and what they do for the reproductive system, as well as what they do for the puppies’ health.

Dr. Greer also talks about the importance of getting the right nutrients to stud dogs for breeding, in addition to the more commonly-talked about health of the bitch.

Sheryl talks about some of the products Revival Animal Health offers, and how they support dogs’ reproductive health. She goes over the extensive research and development Revival Animal Health goes through to develop their products - making sure that they are created based on current reproductive and nutritional science and are reviewed by experts.

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Dr. Greer talks about the recent research surrounding folic acid and its benefits. Check out some current research about folic acid and cleft palate in brachycephalic dogs here.