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Pod 261: Space Precinct in HD
Episode 26112th June 2023 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Let's just say they've transferred to an HD precinct! Scott Tempest-Mitchell and Scott Evans at ITV Content Services explain (in layman's terms) how they brought Space Precinct back to vivid life for ITVX. PLUS! A FAB Fact, a very special Randomiser, and some good newsy news news news!

01:07 Welcome to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

06:00 The FAB Fact of the Week

11:40 Questions, questions, questions!

17:07 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

20:15 Questions for Jamie's brain

26:42 ITV Content Services - Part Two

48:56 Questions from the Podsterons

56:19 Chris Dale and Marina's Walkies Interrupted

1:22:52 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

Space Precinct on ITVX

ITV Content Services

New Warehouse and Lower Shipping Costs

BritSciFi in Leicester!

Father's Day - Thunderbird 2

Terrahawks Extended Cut on YouTube

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