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Objections to Evictions feat. Heidi Groover
Episode 5124th February 2022 • RANGE • Range
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If you’re about to be evicted in Washington state, what rights do you have? Luke talks to Heidi Groover, who is the real estate reporter for the Seattle Times, about a story she wrote last October about tenant protections in Washington state. These protections give low-income people facing eviction the right to an attorney. 

This is a first of its kind state law anywhere in the United States and Heidi walks us through how these protections are supposed to work. 

  • A landlord can’t file an eviction until they have offered a tenant a chance at mediation through an Eviction Resolution Program with a “reasonable repayment plan.” This program can help connect the tenant with rental assistance programs too. 
  • If the case makes it to court, the tenant has the right to an attorney even if they can’t afford one. 

Most importantly, if you are a renter and need If you need help staying in your home, contact the Tenants Union of Washington.