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Veteran Voices Classic: Don’t Ever Mistake Kindness for Weakness
2nd December 2022 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Respect for other people should exist and be earned on an individual level, but that doesn’t mean differences of opinion and perspective based on things like appearance and gender don’t continue to present challenges.

In this classic Veteran Voices episode, host Mary Kate Soliva welcomes Mary Bell, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Team Themis and a Veteran of the United States Navy who joined at age 17. She spent her years in the Navy as a linguist, serving most of her time in Iraq but also being stationed in Africa and Afghanistan

In this episode the two “MKs” talk about Mary Bell’s 10 years of active duty and 13 years in the reserves:

• Which mentors and officers made the greatest impression on her and how those impressions became the source of lasting change

• The importance of following and maintaining the chain of command no matter what happens, personally or professionally

• Why you can’t take transition advice from someone who hasn’t transitioned from active duty to the reserves or from service to civilian life

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