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The Vision of 2.0
Episode 684th January 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Empowered AF 2.0 is HERE, are you ready?! The new format is going to blow your mind. There will be way more fun, topics that have never been spoken about before on the podcast, and a host of brand-new guests coming onto the show.

Empowered Man is SO much more than simply helping men navigate toxic marriages, so this week, Mark shares his vision for Empowered Man 2.0 and some of the topics he’ll be discussing in future episodes. Hear the reason for the new format, how it’s going to work, what you can expect each week, and a BRAND-NEW concept that will be part of the show. Get ready to be EMPOWERED. 

“Our vision in Empowered Man is not to save marriages, but to save men.”

- Mark Santiago 

In This Episode:

- Find out the genesis behind Empowered AF 2.0 and why it’s going to be BETTER than ever

- Hear what you can expect from Empowered Man 2.0 and what you’ll gain from listening to the podcast episodes

- Mark tells you why you DO NOT have to settle for the shit you are going through and why there is always more for you

- Discover some of the topics Mark will be discussing on future podcast episodes

And much more…

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