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21 - The Research Fraud Squad: On the Trail of Data Quality
Episode 2119th July 2022 • GreenBook Podcast • GreenBook
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In this week's episode, our host Lenny Murphy, is joined by industry professionals working on the issue of data quality, now dubbed "the fraud squad":

  • Carrie Campbell, VP Analytics at Ketchum
  • Tia Maurer, Group Scientist at Procter & Gamble
  • Efrain Ribeiro, sampling & panel online access advisor at Zinklar
  • Mary Beth Weber, advocate at and founder at Case4Quality

Join us while Lenny and "the fraud squad" as they discuss survey fraud and data quality, from the root cause of the issues to some potential solutions, and what the issues mean for brands as they help drive change.

In this episode, we'll explore:

  • The inherent tension between data quality and the speed and cost of data acquisition.
  • The multifaceted costs associated with bad data, not just literal due to bad decision-making, but including the cost to a businesses' reputation and/or potential client relationships.
  • The major findings and takeaways of the landmark CASE study, including the fact that survey fraud most certainly exists, and it exists across key industry suppliers.
  • The learning that participants are participating in an average is 21.5 per day (assuming a 20-minute length interview, that's over six hours of surveys -- which is not humanly possible).

Many thanks to this squad, for being our guests. Thanks also to our producer, Karen Lynch, our editor, James Carlisle, and our sponsor, InnovateMR.

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