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Ep 10: Toolkit '101': Tools to Manage Habitual Evening Drinking
Episode 1021st March 2024 • The Big Drink Rethink • Anna Donaghey
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Have you ever found yourself reaching for that habitual alcoholic evening drink and wondering if there's another way to unwind? In this episode your host Anna will unpack a treasure chest of alternatives, strategies, and heart-to-heart advice to support you in addressing habitual evening drinking.

Anna also dives into the reality behind our 'enjoyment' of alcohol, challenges the status quo with alcohol-free alternatives, and shares some useful journaling prompts to help listeners unwind for a better night’s sleep.

Tune in to get some great advice and tips on how to establish a healthier evening routine without alcohol.

Here are the highlights:

04:06 Alcohol-free drinks - use for behaviour change.

11:28 Humans lie to themselves, and embrace new habits.

14:11 Alcohol impairs productivity, resilience, and well-being.

17:29 Limit evening drinking to achieve a focused mindset.

23:27 Combat drinking habits by shaking up dinner routines.

26:53 Brain needs time to wind down naturally.

29:35 Reflecting on thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

32:42 Identify worries, offer advice, and let go.

About the host Anna:

Anna is a certified Alcohol Mindset Coach, trained by Annie Grace of This Naked Mind. Drawing on her own journey out of alcohol addiction, she now helps others explore and control their drinking. With a career spanning 25 years as a Strategist in the Advertising industry, she combines her own lived experiences, with great insight into what makes us tick and what influences us to behave the way we do.

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