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7 steps to get your own land in South Africa
Episode 643rd March 2021 • Farmer's Inside Track • Food For Mzansi
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In this week’s episode of Farmer’s Inside Track…7 steps to get your own land in South Africa. Finding and purchasing land to farm seems daunting but their are a few simple steps to take to find land to filful your farming dream! 

Agricultural economist Thabi Nkosi questions why the agriculture sector is often seen as the perpetual ugly duckling? She presents a somewhat disarming take on the state of agriculture in Africa. 

Farmers choose The Perfect Predator by Steffanie Strathdee and Thomas Patterson as their book of the weekThis book provides a glimpse into the potential treatment of bacterial infections in an antibiotic resistant world through the use of bacteriophages, bacteria-eating viruses. 

In the South African National Budget Review for 2021, it was revealed that government’s recovery plan focuses on raising the economy’s long-term growth rate by supporting industries with high employment potential such as agriculture. 

Unathi Mhlatyana, MD at McCain Foods says it’s because the agricultural supply chain holds many job opportunities and along with this, the sector has seen a positive growth trajectory since 2019. 

And organic fertilizer specialists, Thapelo Phiri encourages farmers to explore organic fertilizers to farm more sustainably…