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Episode 33: Arse of an Unconscious Brigand
Episode 710th November 2022 • Still His Kingdom Keeps: A Merlin TV Show Podcast • Jeremy G Greer
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Welcome back to Still His Kingdom Keeps, the only podcast that covers the TV show Merlin while also spending 20 minutes in the outtakes talking about...actually I don't even remember what we talked about in this one. Video games? Game of Thrones? The impending sense that the whole world is slipping away from us in a way that we can never recover from? Twitter memes?!!? Who knows.

What we do know is that this episode is about Merlin S03E07 - The Castle of Fyrien, in which Gwen has to make an awful choice (but she doesn't), Morgana breaks bad even more (it rules), Merlin is a petty little sorcerer (c'mon Merlin get real), and Arthur does Arthur things (like smash brigands). It's a good one folks, enjoy.

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Our new intro song is by Jake Lionheart, who remixed Merlene by bansheebeat, with vocals by Heather Milette. We have a video on our YouTube page that we created for it, because we love it so much. Please go follow both of these talented people and listen to their stuff.

The artwork for the podcast was done by Sydney Dean, and is absolutely beautiful. You can find her shop here, and specifically SHKK stickers of the logo and us at this link. The pictures of us are even holographic and they SPARKLE. WOW!

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