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#35 The Catherine B. Roy Show ft Elle Ingalls
Episode 357th October 2021 • The Catherine B. Roy Show • Catherine B. Roy
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Pressure-Free Living

Have you ever wished there was a magic way to stop stress from messing with you? A way to reduce chronic disease and issues like stress fat? Feel less worried or anxious? Feel happier and have better relationships? Elle Ingalls can show you how. She's the creator of the Pressure-Free Method. It's an on-the-go stress management method that you can use anywhere, anytime that allows you to de-stress without taking time off or slowing down. Elle draws on her experience as a performance coach, executive, professional musician, community leader, and parent of three grown sons plus her three degrees from the University of Michigan and decades of research to help you break the stress cycle and experience the real you.


  1. Is there such a thing as good stress, or eustress
  2. You aren't stressed unless you've triggered the stress response. You can experience all sorts of stressors and challenges and stay free of hormone release.
  3. What is Pressure-Free Method
  4. No matter what pressures come your way, you can stay free of releasing stress hormones

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