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The Steady and the Stoic 'Steader
Episode 3330th August 2022 • Fireside Freedom Podcast • Fireside Freedom
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Tonight the Firestarters discuss how adopting a stoic mindset aids in the pursuit of freedom and personal responsibility.

Join Kerry, Thecia, Ken, Nate, and Tim as they explore questions like:

  • Have you ever gotten the sense that you were a slave to your emotional reactions and how did you go about changing that?
  • In most cases, the expression of one kind of emotion is actually a cover for another emotion. As in, anger is usually a cover for fear or sadness. Can you recall a time that you experienced this? How did you address it?
  • How do you handle the general societal push that we should all be “happy” all the time and overcome the entitlement mentality of “But I deserve this!”
  • There is a fine line between stoicism and apathy or nihilism. What steps do you take to be sure you don’t slide down to the “dark side?”
  • Some people seem to feed on giving and receiving negative energy. Have you experienced that on either end? How did you manage it?


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