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Interview with Helen Jamieson – The Networker
Episode 1225th July 2016 • The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle • Jonathan Doyle
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In this interview I have the pleasure of talking with Helen Jamieson. Helen is the author of the fantastic book, The Networker which is a powerful story of one person who dreams of a better life and takes the steps to make it happen despite rejection, misunderstandings and setbacks. It’s a story that we can all relate to at some level. Helen is no stranger to adversity and difficulty in her own life as you will hear. She is someone who has faced loss, pain and hardship and found a way to press on, contribute and make something special of her life. Helen shares deeply with us and there is so much we can all learn from her journey and her wisdom. Helen teaches us that we all have the capacity to both determine and build the life we truly desire and that often it is through unexpected setbacks, pain and challenges that we are given the keys to new ways of seeing and experiencing life. If you are facing your own challenges at the moment then don’t miss this special podcast interview with Helen Jamieson. She has so much to teach us. You can find out all about Helen [...]

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