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39. 5 Step Framework That Will Change the Way You Think About Teaching and Life
4th October 2022 • Educate & Rejuvenate: The Podcast • Kelsey Sorenson, Elementary Teacher, Homeschool Mom, and Life Coach
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I'm SO excited for you! You know why? Because we've got something for you in this episode that will change the way you think about teaching and life!

Last week we did a special FREE open coaching call with our certified life coach, Chrissy Nichols. This call was for anyone that wanted to come and it ended up being SO amazing. We discussed the 5-Step Framework that will CHANGE the Way You Think About Teaching (And Life!). So we turned this amazing Coaching Call into today’s episode all about the 5-Step Framework!

When I discovered this 5-Step Framework almost 3 years ago... it was a game changer for me. I wish I could go back and "discover" it all over again. It was so fun and special to be able to watch hundreds of other teachers tune in and watch as four other teachers experienced this framework for the first time! We got to watch them start change the way they think about teaching and life.

This framework is SUPER simple- once you learn it, you can't UN-learn it!

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