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8. Quickfire Q&A: Content Marketing, Social Media Growth, Scaling The Agency, Work/Life Balance and Career Growth
Episode 823rd April 2024 • JAMPACKED PODCAST • Jarrah Brailey | Digital Marketing Tips and Social Media Marketing Strategies
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The highly requested Q&A episode is here!

As of next month, I’ve been in business for six years (wow) and whilst I feel like I’m just getting started… I’ve definitely learnt a lot along the way too.

In today’s episode, I am answering a few of the most frequently asked questions I get as an agency director and digital marketer. From growing a team, to challenges faced, to what I do if I was starting all over again as a business both product and service-based.

We cover a lot of juicy topics to do with both business and marketing....

🎙️ Where I’d invest my resources (when it comes to marketing) if I was a new product based business

🎙️ How I hired my first team member, how that looked financially, and my hiring / growth strategy at the moment.

🎙️ The most valuable piece of advice I received when starting my career

🎙️ My best tips for social growth on Instagram

🎙️ How I manage my time/work-life balance

🎙️ My favourite aspect of marketing

🎙️ Our DREAM clients

🎙️ My vision for Jampacked and myself

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