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Exuberance Is Beauty - Donna Barrow-Green EPISODE 9, 30th March 2021
Episode 9 - Season 1 Finale
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Episode 9 - Season 1 Finale

Season 1 Finale

We've reached the turning point in Eve Miler's life. In this Season One Finale, Eve's world begins to split: past and present, regret and hope, love and terror. How deep and damaging will his fissure become is yet unknown. Season Two will bring intense psychological drama and Eve will content with the limits imposed on women in post-war society. We will also learn how far man can go for power over a woman's life.

Written by Donna Barrow Green


Darlene Sorensen as Eve

Eric Schneiwind as Jeff

Shelley Bryant as Mary

Ross Laguzza as Frank

With appearances by:

Robin Gray

Wren Ingber

(c) 2021 Illuminus Audio Productions