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Ep.20 ~ “Slim Settled For Queen!”
10th December 2019 • JustEldredge Podcast • JustEldredge Media
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Episode 20 !!!!!

This is big deal!!! We been giving yall 20 consistent episodes of the JustEldredge Podcast!
And We Stop!! Because WE CAN'T STOP!!

Today, we have the movie review of Queen and Slim; with some dope guest with different perspectives. Was Queen a Boss Chick or a Basic B****? Was Slim a King or Punk? Damn, Why they Kill ole Boy? So Queen went for a free meal and all this happened? Hold up! That was a trans chick!!? Why did Slim SETTLE for Queen?

This episode capture everything from the movie and more!

As Always...

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Today’s Guest:

Mal405 - Make America Dope Again!

Nina - Speaking for all the women in America!