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Lori Richardson | She Sells: Creating Inclusive Sales Teams
Episode 151st March 2023 • Customer Café by Collabria • Collabria
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Welcome to Customer Cafe. Today we are joined by Lori Richardson, a sales expert and the author of the book "She Sells." In this podcast, Lori shares her insights on how to create more inclusive sales teams and retain great women in sales and her own experiences in the sales industry, from her early days of selling consumer computers on commission to her current role as a sales consultant and speaker. She talks about the differences in the sales process from then to now and how women's skills will impact a sales team. Lori also discusses the importance of diversity in sales teams and why companies should care about it. She shares her views on why speaking to the men at the top is essential to help women break into sales. As someone who has onboarded over 1000 SDRs in three years, Lori talks about the challenges of hiring and retaining salespeople, including women, and shares tips on how to measure success in sales teams. She also shares her insights on sales in recessions, why firing is happening, and how it affects women and everyone.

Stay tuned for the end, where Lori shares how she becomes better at her job!


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