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Chapter 106. That Tim B has a proper glow about him.
Episode 10616th May 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Chapter 106 has a real sense of climax, a feeling of crescendo if you prefer, as we build up themes from the Somewhere Else episodes to the pitch of fever.

Firstly I take name-dropping to a whole new level, this is out-of-the-park stuff and you will know exactly what I mean when the moment arrives.

Secondly, if you thought the Pugwash-inspired oceangoing crooncast was good, then look out... This week's, mention of Amazonian poison-dart frogs may well have inspired my Magnum Opus.

And finally, this may be the best example of the post-diary chat being clearly undertaken by two blokes who hadn't actually read the diary entries in question, as we go on to repeat everything I had read out loud a moment earlier.

Love'n'buffalo (they're bison really), and keep on croakin'


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