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Let The Games Begin
Episode 322nd September 2021 • The Change Makers • Freshworks X StudioPod Media
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After the initial enthusiasm sparked by newness wears out, many companies find themselves in what is commonly known as the valley of despair. The same happens with IT integrations, after a while they start to feel pointless and numbing. How do changemakers take action to get their companies out of the valley of despair and into a new peak of productivity? 

In the third episode of Freshworks The Changemakers Podcast, you’ll listen to three stories of leaders taking risks and changing the game when things were stagnant. Hop in and learn how these changemakers face the valley of despair by thinking outside the box and working smarter. Plus, join us in the next episode to discover their achieved transformations!

Jump straight into:

(00:21) - The valley of despair: Ian’s story facing almost null hope on the IT team and how he fixed Dangote’s processes from the foundation up. 

(05:06) - Testing a breakthrough help desk platform: Sumit’s ambitious plan to unify the company’s network and how he used feedback to set up and launch his plan successfully.

(09:07) - Adjust on the fly!: Colin’s audacious move to learn and refine a new platform in a live environment. 

(13:46) - A sneak peek into the next episode: What did these changemaker’s transformations achieve within their companies? 

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