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128. My 3-Point Summer Business Plan
20th May 2024 • School of Sellers • Erin Waters - Tips for Teacher Sellers
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Are you ready to successfully tackle your business goals this summer, even with kids at home? We are quickly approaching summer which means that for many of us, our schedules will be changing. There will be kids at home, summer camps, trips, and, of course, all the everyday summer fun that we look forward to. But even with the change in schedules, you can take control of your summer business plan with a little bit of planning ahead!

Balancing work and family time in the summer can sometimes feel overwhelming. As teacher sellers, we know there is so much to do throughout the year, but we also want to make summer the best it can possibly be for us and our families. In order to do that, it’s so helpful to have a solid summer business plan in place where you can identify and plan out exactly what you want to focus on and when.

As I was preparing my own summer business plan, I thought it might be helpful to share it with you as a sort of “summer business survival guide.” So today, I am walking you through the 3 main things I will be focusing on this summer, what I am doing in each of these 3 areas, and how I have my time scheduled to make the most out of work time and family time.

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