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23. I wear my sunglasses...
Episode 2321st January 2021 • Clearly Kathryn, Business Intuition Strategies For Leaders • Kathryn Mahoney
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I wear my sunglasses...

There are times in our lives we wear sunglasses, rose-colored glasses, or blinders, and if it's not us, it's some around us. Quickly recognizing when your view is skewed is the MOST critical element in mindset.  

Yes, there are times we need to have blinders on to be focused for a specific moment, project, or set of time, but wearing blinders continuously shuts you off from possibilities.

No doubt sunglasses are cool, but when it darkens your view of the world, it can cause you to make decisions without an accurate picture of the situation. Such as when you wear rose-colored glasses all the time, you can't see the truth as it is.

The key is quickly recognizing when you are the one in blinders or colored glasses. It is often even more critical to identify when someone around you giving you advice or feedback is wearing blinders or colored glasses.

A clear view allows for intuitive strategic decisions. You got this! 

The future is clear! 

Opportunities are endless! 

Innovation is expanding! 

Until next time, keep it simple, be at ease with yourself, trust your intuition with light the way.

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