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Songs to Escape Into (with Com Truise)
Episode 434th May 2022 • Themes and Variation • Soundfly
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At Soundfly, we're constantly exploring ways to understand and explain the practical aspects of music, but we can't deny that aspects of it can be wonderfully inexplicable. Music can say things that can't be articulated through any other medium. It can conjure empathy between strangers. In a sense, it can even transport us from one reality to another.

For the most recent episode of our podcast, Themes and Variation, Carter Lee and Mahea Lee sat down with electronic musician, inventor of the genre mid-fi synthwave slow-motion funk, and recent Soundfly course instructor, Seth Haley (a.k.a. Com Truise) to chat about "Songs to Escape Into."

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Dig deeper into Songs to Escape Into with this episodes playlist!

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