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035: SEO For Coaches [Part 1] Why Do Coaches Use SEO?
Episode 3522nd February 2022 • Online Coaching • Stephanie Fiteni
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Why do coaches use SEO and does SEO for Coaches work?

SEO is a great option for coaches who are already creating content. All content can be SEO-ed. Once you SEO a piece of content like a blog, a video, a transcript, podcast show notes etc. you'll get recurring ROI (Return On Investment) for the long term.

This means that the more content you SEO the more results you'll see because the results accumulate over time.

In this episode...

We talk about all the aspects of SEO that make it ideal for coaches to use as a strategy. Whether you're starting from scratch as a newly qualified coach or are an experienced coach looking to align a new form of lead generation, you're gonna find this episode and the remaining 3 episodes in this 4-part series very interesting and useful.

We talked about…

- Why coaches should use SEO

- How SEO benefits coaching businesses

- How it builds Authority and Credibility

- How SEO helps coaches get more leads , discovery calls and clients


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