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Episode 913th August 2019 • Works In Process w/ George Garrastegui, Jr. • George Garrastegui, Jr,
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In this episode, I talk to the founders of Dearest Creative. Kori and Kerstin are Designers, Art Directors who started their creative studio after being in the corporate world for over 10 years. They focus on fashion, culture, and lifestyle, and their devotion to their clients is evident in the work they choose to produce.

I met up with them in their studio in Brooklyn, NY to discuss how they transitioned from corporate life to entrepreneurial life, why they started their own company and what they want to focus on for the future dearest.

It was a fun conversation and the first with two different guests. You can hear the synergy and passion about their brand throughout the episode, below are some of the links and mentions from episode nine.

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