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Embracing Risk with Gill Moakes
Episode 8722nd May 2024 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“Nothing is ever as complicated as we make it,” says Gill Moakes of life and entrepreneurship. The award-winning ICF certified business coach and podcast host discusses the power of taking calculated risks in business. Gill explains how trusting oneself and making bold decisions can drive both business and personal growth. She highlights the specific challenges that women entrepreneurs face, including mental barriers and societal expectations, urging women to actively choose success and develop the courage to take bigger risks.

Gill delves into the impact of limiting beliefs and the pursuit of external validation on entrepreneurs’ risk-taking abilities. She shares personal stories and professional insights to show how reevaluating one’s self-image and challenging ingrained beliefs can lead to greater business success and personal fulfillment.

Exploring broader aspects of entrepreneurship, Gill covers the trade-off between the perceived stability of traditional employment and the autonomy—and accompanying instability—of running one’s own business. She emphasizes that having control over one’s decisions, despite the risks involved, provides a unique form of security that traditional jobs often do not offer.


  • “Most women entrepreneurs need support. They need coaches. They need mentors. They need people around them—a community to be able to cultivate the courage to start playing a bigger game, to start taking the risks. A lot of women struggle to choose themselves for success.” (03:54 | Gill Moakes) 
  • “Nothing is ever as complicated as we make it. I think that’s probably my biggest insight.” (37:43 | Gill Moakes) 
  • “People love to complicate their business so much and it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Business is about three things. Be a nice person. Don't be an idiot—be better at what you do than most people. Just be outstandingly good at what you do. And thirdly, put relationships above algorithms. Do those three things.” (38:04 | Gill Moakes) 


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