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Climbing The Stairs Of Self Actualisation
Episode 122nd November 2020 • The Sovereign Medicine Podcast • Dan Strelan
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In this premier episode, podcast host Dan Strelan introduces us to Sovereign Medicine and shares some of the key themes that have emerged on his journey into sovereignty.

Dan is the founder of Sovereign Medicine, Nutritionist, Coach, Soul Journey Guide & Intuitive Healer. He delves into his personal backstory, including some pain points, that have influenced his creative drive and demand for self-actualisation - living and breathing authenticity. Within his message lies a call to action - to leave behind the status quo and to discover the unique blueprint for your life that you as a Creator were born to live.

  • Self-Actualisation
  • Reclaiming Medicine
  • The Journey Of Sovereignty
  • Connecting With Your True Self
  • Intuition & Creativity
  • Unlocking Your Soul Potential
  • Transcending Limitation

Connect with Dan & Sovereign Medicine Tribe:

Sovereign Medicine Website

The Creator Circle of Limitless Living

Stay tuned, for a stellar first season of inspiring interviews!