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10 | Skratch Labs’ Strategy for Scaling Your Business Through Community ft: Joy Shure
16th November 2021 • Community Powered Marketing • Sue Frech
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Dr. Allen Lim was working as a sport scientist and coach for a professional cycling team when he decided that the sport drinks available to athletes contained too many artificial ingredients, which reduced performance. 

So he began making his own "secret drink mix” in his kitchen using less sugar, no artificial ingredients, and real fruit.

His "secret" soon got out and Skratch Labs was born, offering healthier drinks to athletes, firefighters, and active people looking for a better solution. 

In today's episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue chats with Joy Shure, resident Social Media & Loyalty Program Manager at Skratch Labs, who heads up the company's social media and loyalty program.

You'll discover why Skratch Labs eschews traditional Ambassador programs and created an inclusive rewards program that focuses on bettering the lives of its members and their local communities.

You’ll hear how to foster great conversations and to collect feedback to align your company and products with your consumers.

You'll learn how Joy has adapted the company's social media presence to only provide content that creates actual value for the audience - a concept she calls, "anti social media."

You’ll hear about the power of creating one-on-one wows for your community and explore ways to create big and meaningful impact with small budgets.

Join Sue and Joy as they discuss the benefits of remaining true to your company values and engaging with audiences in a way that goes beyond transactions and product promotion.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • A little background on Skratch Labs and its founder, Dr. Allen Lim. 
  • Why Joy describes herself as a "Joy of all trades" as well as some of the many hats she wears in the company.
  • Ways to rethink social media to create a presence that aligns with your company values.
  • The technology features and functions on Joy’s community management wish list (spoiler alert: Vesta’s got them) 
  • And so much more...


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