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We're back soon, but here's an awesome resource to help in the meantime.
Bonus Episode1st July 2022 • 5 Minute Theory • TCDrive
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The 5 Minute Theory podcast will be returning to help you pass your theory test soon, but until then,check out our latest recommended resource: The 'Are We There Yet?' podcast

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The 5 Minute Theory podcast is here to help you pass your theory test first time! But even more importantly we're here to help you learn and understand the theory.

By having a good knowledge and understanding of the theory you'll be able to confidently take your theory and practical driving tests, and you'll reduce the chances of you making mistake in future that could cost you your licence.

For more information, head over to

Need help with the theory test?

Sign up to the 5 Minute Theory training course here: where you'll get access to over 40 training videos to help you learn, understand and pass your theory test!

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